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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

What is ENT?

Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) is the branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the ear, nose and throat. An ENT surgeon provides care for the medical and surgical management of conditions affecting the ear, nose and throat.

Our ENT department

Our ENT department offers both adult and paediatric patients a range of ENT services. The department provides general ENT consultations dealing with benign head and neck diseases and a diagnostic investigation for patients with cancer of the head and neck. Onward management of patients with cancer is achieved via our networked links with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.

We also offer more specialised services and clinics in the management of allergies, dizziness, voice disorders and watery eyes in addition to facilitating nurse-led aural toilet clinics. We work closely with our Audiology Department, Maxillofacial Surgery Department and the department of Speech and Language Therapy in order to deliver integrated care.

The majority of our services are provided in our outpatients facilities, these are situated in the main outpatients on the ground floor of the hospital (see map). We also hold outpatient clinics at the North Cambridgeshire Hospital in Wisbech.

We provide elective and emergency services for ENT surgery. Operations are carried out at the hospital. Patients are treated either as inpatients; adults are admitted through Marham ward; children are admitted to Rudham ward; or as day-case patients on the Arthur Levin Day Case Surgery unit.

We also provide specialist cover for ENT emergencies 24 hrs a day from Monday to Friday. From 5pm on Friday, during weekends and holidays, emergency specialist cover is provided by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

ENT services

We aim to provide a high quality, comprehensive ENT service to our patients. Detailed below are some of the services we offer along with links to patient information sheets and links to external support sites.

The ENT team and associated contacts

ENT equipment in useAll of our ENT consultants offer general ENT services but hold additional sub-specialty interests as detailed below:

Mr Andrew Beynon-Phillips
Consultant with sub-specialty interest in adult and paediatric otology.
Secretary: Sharon Yates
Tel: 01553 613686

Mr David McPartlin
Consultant and Clinical Director with sub-specialty interest in rhinology and facial plastics.
Secretary: to Lynda White/Emma-Louise Wilson
Tel: 01553 613724

Mr Rajendra Tadikonda
Locum consultant with sub-specialty interest in allergy, rhinology and epiphora (watery eyes).
Secretary: to Lynda White/Emma-Louise Wilson
Tel: 01553 613724

Mr Bandula Bandaranayake
Consultant with sub-specialty interests in benign head and neck surgery
Secretary: Sharon Yates
Tel: 01553 613686

Audiology department

Audiology Services Manager: Sarah Hibbert
Chief Audiologist: TBC
Hearing Therapist: Julie Simms
Balance Therapy and Diagnostics: Sarah Hibbert
Audiology department reception: 01553 613805

ENT Outpatients

ENT Outpatients Sister: Ismena Wojciechowska
ENT Outpatients Receptionist: Tel: 01553 214940/214943


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