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Breast Surgery

What is breast surgery?

Breast surgery deals with problems in the breast (mostly women but also men), such as cancer, but also other non cancerous problems. A breast surgeon is a specialist in the treatment of such conditions, including surgery.

Our breast surgery serviceThe Breast Department team

Our breast department sees patients in the clinic who have either been to see their GP with a breast related problem (women and men), or who have been called for further assessment after their routine screening mammogram (women only). We offer a ‘one-stop’ service during which a patient will be assessed and examined by one of the breast team, undergo imaging which may entail mammogram and ultrasound, including biopsy (taking a small sample of breast tissue) if required. If a problem is found that needs treatment, this will be explained to the patient, and the treatment planned and carried out by the breast surgery team.

Patients may be seen by a breast surgeon, a breast clinician and/or a specialist breast care nurse. If required, mammograms (X-rays of the breast) are performed by radiographers, and breast ultrasound performed by radiologists who are doctors with a special interest in breast imaging.

Our department has full field digital mammogram machines (the most up to date available), and performs the most up to date operations for breast cancer, including sentinel lymph node biopsy. A full reconstructive service is available for patients who require a mastectomy for their breast cancer. This is offered by surgeons at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and in partnership with the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

If required, patients can have chemotherapy at our MacMillan unit. Radiotherapy is usually given at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge. The need for these other treatments is discussed with and explained to all patients as they go through their treatment journey.

Sub services

We work closely with the following departments:

  • Radiology department - provides expert imaging for diagnosis and management of breast patients
  • Nuclear medicine department - provides medicines that help us with diagnosis and treatment of patients
  • Plastic surgery - reconstruction at the same time or after mastectomy may be carried out by breast and plastic surgeons
  • Oncology department - treatment of cancer using modalities such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The King's Lynn Breast Screening Unit, part of the Breast Care Unit, also offers screening to women aged 47 to 70 for all eligible women in the locality and women will be called automatically, except for women aged over 70, who can refer themselves directly.

Our specialist team

Some of the staff you may meet in the breast department are:

  • Mr Surjait Singh – Consultant Breast and General Surgeon
  • Miss Amy Burger – Consultant Breast and Reconstructive Surgeon
  • Dr Lesley MacDonald – Specialist Breast Physician
  • Dr Martin Rimmer – Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr Geoff Hunnam – Consultant Radiologist
  • Angela Holford – Specialist Breast Care Nurse
  • Marie Robins – Specialist Breast Care Nurse
  • Elaine Rudd – Specialist Breast Care and Reconstruction Nurse
  • Julie Wright – Specialist Breast Care Nurse
  • Trudy Varley – Breast Clinic Health Care Assistant
  • Tina Lucie-Smith – Superintendent Radiographer and Advanced Practitioner
  • Heather Marsters - Deputy Superintendent Radiographer
  • Linda Mallett – Radiographer
  • Alex Aves – Radiographer
  • Louise Coggles – Radiographer
  • Charlotte Cutworth - Radiographer
  • Laura Taylor – Radiographer
  • Marilyn O'Connell - Radiographer
  • Dr Margaret Daly – Consultant Oncologist
  • Dr Athar Ahmed – Consultant Oncologist

Contact details for breast surgery

Our consultants contact details can be found on our Consultants directory page.

Our Specialist Breast Care Nurses can be contacted on (01553) 613566.

Our Breast Screening Unit can be contacted on 01553 613662.

Advice and information

If you have had surgery you may find the following information useful:

Useful web links

The following websites may contain information that is of use to you:


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