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Cancer Services - Macmillan centre entranceOncology and our specialist Macmillan unit

What is oncology?

The term oncology literally means a branch of science that deals with tumours and cancers. The word 'onco' means bulk, mass, or tumor while 'logy' means study.

Who are Macmillan?

Macmillan logoMacmillan Cancer Support provide practical, medical and financial support and strive for better cancer care. For more information visit the Macmillan website.

Available services

We offer a large range of services, support and information, these include:

We have expanded our services

Work has completed on expanding our cancer care services in, what was an 840,000 project. This project has resulted in expanded chemotherapy services and a refreshed palliative day care room. Charity and hospital officials agree that these upgrades were vital in enabling us to continue to meet patient needs and improve their comfort and environment whilst receiving care.

Contact the team

You can talk to:

  • The Macmillan reception: 01553 613413
  • The Macmillan information and support office: 01553 613985
  • Our Lead Cancer Nurse, Sarah Witting: 01553 613613 extension 2977
  • The Acute Oncology Nurse Specialist team: 01553 613613 extension 4558
  • Day Treatment Care: 01553 613516
  • CNS Support Line: 01553 214610