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Macmillan centre entranceWhat to expect if you are referred to the Oncology Clinic

You may have been referred to the Oncology Clinic by your specialists for advice on treatment that may be required for your illness. If so, it is advisable to bring someone along with you on your first visit, to provide you with support until you are familiar with the clinic.

During your consultation

You will be seen by a doctor who will discuss the details of your illness with you. During the consultation the doctor will explain:

  • Whether further investigations and tests are required
  • Whether you will require any further treatment, either as an inpatient or outpatient
  • An explanation of any treatments that you are to be given
  • How the specialist nurses can help you and your family
  • If you require a further appointment the doctor will advise and you can make this appointment at the reception desk before you leave the Macmillan Unit.
  • If you require any medication the doctor will give you a prescription which can be obtained from the hospital pharmacy.

You may require further investigations such as blood tests or x-rays. A nurse will be available to advise you if this is the case.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact the relevant secretary so that the appointment can benefit another patient. The secretary will be able to offer you a more suitable appointment.

Further information and support

The Macmillan Information and Support Centre is based within the Macmillan reception, here you can get any further information or support that you may require. This is a confidential drop-in service where appointments are not necessary.

For further information you can ask one of the health care team in the department that is providing your treatment.

Contact details for the oncology doctor's secretaries

Doctors can be contacted via their secretaries as detailed below (all other contacts are on our Oncology overview page).

  • Dr Daly and Dr Yang's secretary - 01553 613784
  • Dr Ainsworth, Dr Horan and Dr Thippu's secretary - 01553 613994

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