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QEH Site map

Below is a full site map. You can download a PDF version here.

Full site hospital map 

QEH map first floor 

Location Area   Floor
Acute Medical Unit (AMU) 3   Ground
Admissions Office 1   Ground
Admissions Unit 7   first
Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) 3   Ground
Appleton Unit 6   First
Arthur Levin Day Surgery      
Audiology 3   Ground
Bereaved Relatives Support 5   Ground
Blood Tests (Pathology) 4   Ground
Breast Care Unit 4   Ground
Cancer Wellbeing Centre 4   Ground
Cardio-respiratory 4   Ground
Castleacre Ward 6   First
Central Delivery Suite 6   First
Clinical Health Psychology 5   Ground
Critical Care Unit (CCU) 7   First
CT Scan 2   Ground
Dental ((Orthodontics) Reception 3) 3   Ground
Denver Ward 6   First
Dermatology (Reception 3) 3   Ground
Dexa Suite 4    
Diabetes Clinic West Wing    
Dialysis Unit West Wing    
Dietetics West Wing    
Discharge Lounge West Wing    
Ear, Nose and Throat (Reception 3) 3   Ground
ECG (Cardio-respiratory) 4   Ground
EEG/EMG (Neurophysiology) 4   Ground
Elm Ward (Surgical Assessment Unit) 6   First
Emergency Department (A&E) 2   Ground
Endoscopy Unit 7   First
Estates and Facilities (ID Badge) 5   Ground
Feltwell Unit 6   First
Finance 5   Ground
Fracture Clinic (Orthopaedic/Fracture) 1   Ground
Gayton Ward 6   First
Gynaecology Outpatients (Emerson Unit) 5    
Hospital Management 2   Ground
Hub Café 7   First
Human Resources 2   Ground
Inspire Centre      
Leverington Ward (Admissions Unit) 7   First
Macmillan Cancer Care and Treatment Centre 4   Ground
MRI 3   Ground
Main Entrance 1   Ground
Main Outpatients Clinic 1   Ground
Marham Ward 7   First
Maternity Outpatients (Emerson Unit) 5    
Medical Education Centre 2   Ground
Mediacl Reception West Wing    
Medical Outpatients West Wing    
Necton Ward 7   First
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ((NICU)(currently on Castleacre Ward) 6   First
Neurophysiology (EEG/EMG) 4   Ground
Occupational Health 5   Ground
Occupational Therapy (Rehabilitation) 3   Ground
Operating Theatres 6   First
Oral Surgery (Reception 3) 3   Ground
Orthopaedic Outpatients (Reception 3) 1   Ground
Outpatient Reception 1 1   Ground
Outpatient Reception 2 (Rehabilitation) 3   Ground
Outpatients  Reception 3 3   Ground
Oxborough Ward 7   First
Pain Clinic (Emerson Unit) 5    
Pathology 4   Ground
PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) 1   Ground
Pharmacy 3   Ground
Physiotherapy (Rehabilitation) 3   Ground
Podiatry West Wing    
Rehabilitation (Reception 2) 3   Ground
Resturant (The Hub Café) 7   First
Rheumatology (Emerson Unit) 5    
Roxburgh Children's Outpatients Seperate building    
Rudham Ward 7   First
Sacred Space 3   Ground
Sandringham Unit Seperate building    
School of Nursing sciences 2   Ground
Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) 3   Ground
Shouldham Ward 4   Ground
Social Services West Wing    
Speech Therapy 3   Ground
Stanhoe Ward 7   First
Stress Testing 4   Ground
Stroke Unit West Wing    
Surgical Pre-Assessment Clinic West Wing    
Terrington Short Stay 4   Ground
TIA Clinic West Wing    
Tilney Ward 7   First
Toilets 1   Ground
Treatment & Investigation Unit (Feltwell Unit) 6   First
Ultrasound 4   Ground
Urology (Emerson Unit) 5   First
Vaccination Centre (seperate building)      
Waterlily Birth Centre 6   First
West Newton Ward West Wing    
West Norfolk Eye Centre  5     
West Raynham Ward West Wing    
Wheelchair Clinic West Wing    
Windsor Ward 7   First
X-ray 3   Ground

Macmillan Centre

A further map is available here for those who wish to visit our Macmillan Centre.

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