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What can Chaplaincy do for you?

The Chapliancy Team work throughout The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn, to support people in whatever they are facing.

Being a patient, or supporting a close friend or relative in hospital, can be an unsettling and anxious time. It can be filled with pain or distress, cure and relief, fear and hope, loss and celebration.

Whether you need our support for a patient, relative or yourself, the chaplains are here to listen, without judgement and in confidence. They may help you to feel less anxious, see things more clearly, or gain a wider perspective.

People often assume they have to be religious to speak to us, but you don't have to profess any belief to recieve our support, and we will not impose any beliefs on you.  

The Sacred Space

The Sacred Space is located on the ground floor, opposite the X-ray unit. It is an oasis of quiet within the hospital, and is open day and night.

Holy Communion can be brought to patients whenever they wish at their bedside. If a patient is able and the ward allows, we can serve Holy Communion to the patient inside the Sacred Space. There is a Chaplain on site on a Sunday and we often serve Holy Communion to patients who request this at the bedside.

Every Sunday there is a Christian Worship service which is broadcast on Hospital Radio Lynn. The service starts at 10am.

A Roman Catholic mass is held every Tuesday at 4pm for 30 minutes. The priest visits patients after this service and can be requested throughout the week.

Members of other faiths are welcome to use the Sacred Space for prayers or worship. Chaplains will also attempt to contact other faith/belief representatives as required.

Anybody from the Muslim faith can use the Sacred Space for prayers but also have an opportunity to pray in our Multi-faith rooms which are located at the bottom of the Emerson Unit link corridor. There are separate male and female prayer rooms, and separate male and female ablution rooms as well as toilets. Friday prayers take place at 1pm in the Multi-faith rooms.

What is Spiritual Care?

The Chaplaincy team offers spritual care. Spiritual care is simply caring for a person's 'spirit', their sense of self and inner wellbeing. Our chaplains believe all people have a spirituality; a sort of inner climate, which is sometimes in need of support.

In a hospital, spiritual care is provided in the context of illness and recovery. It is person-centered, and makes no assumptions about personal conviction or life orientation. Our chaplains aim is to listen to people and support them where they are.

We aim to address the spiritual, pastoral and religious needs of those who contact us; these may include one or more of the following:

  • Finding meaning in what has happened
  • Discovering new purposes in life
  • The healing of painful memories
  • Regret and forgiveness
  • Supporting religious beliefs, rituals and practices
  • Non-religious beliefs
  • Reflecting on past life experience
  • Issues of mortality

Bereavement Support Group

Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult times in our lives. Sometimes it helps to talk with others going through a similar experience.

The chaplaincy offers a Bereavement Support Group to the friends and relatives of patients who have passed away.

Join us to meet with other people in your situation. Our Bereavement Support Group aims to provide companionship, offer insights into the grieving process, and allow for the sharing of helpful strategies.

Our support group runs for six weeks periodically throughout the year. We meet on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm to 3pm in the Sacred Space and refreshments are provided.

Contact us to find out more, including the dates of our next group. Please call: 01553 613441.

You can download the poster here.

Contacting the Chaplaincy

Chaplains are on duty in the hospital from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and on Sundays.

Chaplains are 'on-call' during the week when they are in the hospital, and over the weekend. This means that a chaplain can often respond to requests for urgent help. In this case, please contact the switchboard and ask them to bleep the on-call chaplain.

Telephone: 01553 613441


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