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Chaplaincy Ė here for everyone

Chaplaincy support logoOur Chaplaincy Service provides pastoral care for patients, relatives, and staff. Although our Chaplains belong to various Christian denominations (Church of England, Methodist, Roman Catholic) the care we provide is broad-based.

The basic role of a Chaplain is to be involved with others in the provision of holistic care within the hospital community. Being a patient, or supporting a close relative or friend in hospital, can be an unsettling and anxious time that is often filled with more questions than answers. Chaplains provide a listening ear to help you tease out these questions, although we donít have all the answers. The Chaplainís specialty is to possess a particular understanding of the relationship between faith, illness and the emotional and mental conflicts that can arise.

Chaplains are pastoral practitioners who seek to build a relationship of trust through compassionate presence and offer help and support to a wide range of people. The Chaplainís ministry to patients is a prime responsibility but often chaplains will also come into contact with the patientís family and be able to respond to their needs too.

Our Chaplains offer prayers and Christian Sacraments at the bedside and within our Sacred Space. We provide pastoral and spiritual care for people of all faiths and none, and especially at the end of life. You donít have to profess a particular belief in order to receive our support and we will not impose any belief system on you. The care patients and relatives receive from us is confidential and non-judgemental. If you have particular religious needs then we will contact a member of a faith community on your behalf if we cannot address these religious needs with you.

You will see the Chaplains on all the wards as we go about our general visiting. If you would like to speak to one of us please ask the Ward Staff to contact us via our office phone (ext. 3441) or bleep 2642.

Sacred Space - everyone is welcome

The Sacred Space is located on the ground floor, opposite the X-Ray unit, and provides an oasis of quiet in the hospital. You may light a candle, say prayers, just beÖ Prayers and Worship 4.30 pm each Tuesday Roman Catholic Mass 1pm each Friday Muslim Prayers. †


Stella Green, Lee Gilbert and Sandro Dallas are the Chaplains for the Hospital. Bleep 2642 / Ext 3441. We provide an on-call service out of hours during weekends. The Roman Catholic Chaplain is on site each Tuesday afternoon, then available via Switchboard.



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