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Carers Emergency Card

Being a carer for an Adult aged 18+ can be difficult, but it can be made harder if something unexpected happens, either to you or the person you are caring for.

Planning ahead can help you manage these changes by being prepared and knowing what to do and, if necessary, who to ask for help. This is why we are encouraging all Adult Carers to make an Emergency Plan.

If you put an Emergency Plan in place, you and the person you care for will find it easier to get the extra support you need quickly. Youíll get help not only with the crisis or emergency but also helping you to carry on going to work (if you are in employment), volunteering, meet with your friends, look after your own health and emotional wellbeing.

The plan works best if it involves everyone who would normally support you and your family.

Having a plan in place can reduce the worry for you, the person you care for and your family.

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