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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

QEH is a diverse organisation that values the richness that our colleagues bring to our Trust and the diverse communities we serve.

We are committed to playing our part in delivering a health service where equality and diversity are embraced by all and communicated in the everyday work of our staff, patients and relatives.

This supports the best health outcomes for patients, irrespective of their individual circumstances, or any conditions that may otherwise affect them.

Our core values of Kindness, Wellness, Fairness underpin the delivery of safe and compassionate patient care and guide every decision we make.

There is compelling evidence that engaged and empowered staff deliver great patient care which is reflected with our commitment to strengthen staff engagement. A key element of this is ensuring that we promote a diverse and inclusive culture where both patients and staff are treated fairly in respect of sex, race, religion or beliefs, gender, gender reassignment, disability, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity.

At the Trust we have an Equality, Diversity & Inclusion policy which supports an inclusive culture, respecting differences and ensures staff are treated fairly.

Additionally, to demonstrate our dedication to EDI, Reverse Mentoring for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ReMEDI) project and QEH launched our first official reciprocal mentoring program. In order to enable a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion, where the power of difference is valued, the program will offer tools for bringing about transformational change. To combat inequality and foster more inclusive cultures within our organisation, this two-way process (where power is shared) asks both the mentor and the mentee to share their personal experiences.

In conclusion, our vision, aims to ensure that all people have the same opportunities to access the best possible health services and are treated with dignity and respect.

Zero Tolerance Approach

We have a zero-tolerance policy at QEH towards all violence, abuse, harassment and agression. This policy is for the protection of our patients, their families, visitors and staff.

We serve a population of around 330K people in the three counties of Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, and we are committed to eliminating discrimination, valuing diversity and promoting equality.

Staff Networks

We recognise that the people who work for us are our greatest asset and when they feel supported and happy in work this positivity reaches those very people we are here for patients and their families. We are committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive organisation and ensuring that we harness the talents of all our staff fully.

One of the ways we wish to support this is through the development of specific staff networks that contribute to addressing and solving problems for all under-represented and disadvantaged groups and individuals within our organisation.

We currently have four staff networks:

  • REACH (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage)
  • LGBTQ+
  • Armed Forces
  • Disability

Each network is actively involved with employees at all levels, giving them a real voice within the orginsation. All staff who are a part of the various groups or who want to participate as allies are welcome to join the networks. The networks offer staff members opportunities for leadership and professional growth and work to foster a culture in which they feel comfortable raising issues.

Additionally, we offer a platform for education through a variety of channels, such as webinars and podcasts, roadshows, and awareness events for Pride, South Asian Heritage Month, Black History Month, and much more.

We believe our staff networks offer a place for staff to come together, share experiences and facilitate learning and development. Networks assist in the shaping and delivery of organisational strategy and policy, working with us to improve staff and patient experience on specific issues relating to each network. Allies are also welcome to participate in and support our staff networks.

See ME First

Launched during Black History Month 2021, the 'See ME First' initiative encourage colleagues to sign a personal pledge to uphold the Trust's values and send a message that they belong to an open and non-judgmental organisation, treating all Black, Asian and minority ethhnic patients and colleagues with respect.

Rainbow Badge

You may have seen some of our staff wearing NHS rainbow badges. This are just one way of showing that the QEH offers open, non-judgmental and inclusive care for all who identify as LGBTQ+.

This initiative originated at Evelina London Children's Hospital and aims to make a positive difference by promoting equality and inclusion across the NHS.

We value everyone's contribution and take pride in our inclusivity and diversity. The rainbow badge is a powerful way of demonstrating our commitment to this across the organisation and to our patients and staff.

Pastoral Support

Pastoral Care involves looking after the wellbeing of staff from their transition from abroad to a new beginning in the UK. 

Our Pastoral Support Officer provides supporting information about the area, accommodation advice, essential information for their relocation as well as emotional, social support.

Recognising the difficulties and offering support to lessen their effects. It's crucial to listen in order to allay concerns and support staff during this anxious and stressful time.

Workforce Race Equality Standard and Workforce Disability Standard

Provided below are documents relating to our work towards the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) and Disability Equality Standard (DES):

WRES and WDES Data 2023/24

WRES and WDES Data 2022/23

WRES and WDES Data 2021/22

More on how we support Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Calendar 2024

Disability Confident Employer certificate

Diversity and Inclusion glossary

To find out more about our workforce diversity please see pages 132 to 135 of our 2022-23 Annual Report and Accounts