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Friends and family test

Have you recently received care at our hospitalor at a facility where the service is provided by QEH?

If you have attended an Outpatient appointment or visited our Accident and Emergency department (and discharged straight home rather than being admitted) since 1 March 2021 you may have received an SMS text from us, to your mobile phone, asking you to tell us about your experience. This is genuine Ė we are trying to capture feedback from as many patients as possible. Cards and QR Code posters are still available for you to provide feedback if you wish to.

You can also tell us about your experience, by completing this short survey. You donít need to give your name and we canít trace your comments back to you or share your details. It is your opportunity to tell us exactly what you think about the care you have received and any other parts of your experience.

We read all the feedback that is provided and share this with colleagues to celebrate the positive experiences but also to change some of the areas that you may have highlighted as needing improvement.

NHS website feedback

You can use the NHS website to give an 'overall' rating of a hospital by saying whether (or not) you would recommend it to a friend.

You can also give feedback on important issues such as: what you thought of the cleanliness of our hospitals; how well doctors and nurses worked together; and if you were involved with decisions about the care you received.

We welcome patient feedback on the NHS website because:

  • It helps us understand what we are doing well, as well as where we could improve
  • Itís a useful source of information for others who may be choosing which hospital to go to.