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Why should I want to join?

Almost all of us make use of hospital services at some point in our lives. The local hospital is very much our hospital.

Membership of the Foundation Trust is free, and gives you a real chance to influence the development of the hospital and its services.

What would I have to do, as a Foundation Trust member?

As with most things in public life, you can become as involved as you want to be. The choice is yours!

As a member of the Foundation Trust you’ll:

  • receive a regular newsletter from us to keep you up to date with the latest hospital developments and information
  • be invited to special FT Member healthcare events
  • be able to attend Governors’ Council meetings, which are also open to the general public
  • be invited to vote in Governor elections
  • be able to stand for election as a Governor
  • be able take part in forums and focus groups
  • be able to apply to become a Non-Executive Director (public members only)

Foundation Trust members do not receive any special healthcare treatment or privileges.