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Care of the Elderly

Care of the Elderly or geriatrics is a branch of general medicine concerned with the clinical, preventative, remedial and social aspects of illness in old age and that old people receive the highest possible levels of care. Geriatricians possess the specialist skills needed to diagnose, manage and treat conditions occurring in a physically and mentally frail section of the population. Additional challenges are provided by the fact that older people have different patterns of disease presentation when compared to younger adults, they respond to treatments and therapies in different ways, and they frequently have complex social needs that are related to their chronic medical conditions.

The patients are traditionally adults aged over 65 years, but younger people with complex needs can also benefit from input by a geriatrician. Those who gain the most benefit from specialist geriatrician input are the frail elderly. Delirium is a common condition in older people affecting up to 30 percent of all older medical patients. Patients with delirium have a higher mortality, complication rates and longer lengths of stay than non-delirious patients.

Our Care of the Elderly service

Our aim is to deliver high quality care, providing patients with the best possible outcome. To maximise patients function, minimise morbidity and prevent mortality, through expert medical diagnosis and multidisciplinary assessment with comprehensive clinically appropriate and evidence based multidisciplinary management. The service will aim to; West Newton garden

  • Improve clinical specific outcomes
  • Improve the quality of Care of the Elderly services and patient experience
  • Reduce the number of unscheduled admissions and re-admissions to hospital
  • Improve referral and signposting to appropriate services for patients, including voluntary agencies and community groups
  • Provide improved quality of life and patient experience, for patients and for their carers
  • Provide a service that is accessible for individuals and their families
  • Offer the best service available within the resource available
  • Meet national standards and constantly audit the service to document that the best possible outcomes and patient experience are delivered
  • Ensure a patient-centered approach to the delivery of services.

Services are provided on an inpatient and outpatient basis and take a multi-disciplinary team approach.

Inpatient services

The Trust provides Emergency care for:

  • Orthogeriatrics – inpatient care for elderly people with falls and fractures
  • Dementia Care – inpatient care for patients with dementia and multiple medical problems
  • Surgical liaison - inpatient care for surgical patients with medical problems

Outpatient services

We run a variety of outpatient clinics including new and follow-up appointments, those are:

  • Acute confusion
  • Drop Attack
  • Falls
  • Finding of frequency of falls
  • Seizure
  • General difficulty in moving
  • Impairment of balance
  • Reduce mobility
  • Vertigo
  • Unexplained weight loss

Our elderly care services are provided by Dr Sarda and Dr Babikir.

Contact details for care of the elderly

Dr Sarda and Dr Babikir's secretary can be contacted on 01553 613526.

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