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Epiphora service


This is a service for treatment of patients with excessively watery eyes, provided jointly by the Ophthalmology and ENT departments and also within the ocular plastic ophthalmology clinics.

Patients with watery eyes may be seen in the Epiphora Clinic (Watery Eye Clinic) or within the ocular plastic service clinics.

Within the Epiphora clinic patients undergo an examination of the eye lids and an assessment of the tear drainage system, which involves a minor procedure to ‘syringe and probe’ the tear drainage ducts.

Patients having problems with their eyelids or their punctum (opening of the tear drainage ducts in the eyelids) may be added to the waiting list for appropriate surgery.

Those patients who continue to have excessive eye watering, or those with suspected obstruction of the tear drainage system may be assessed in the ‘DCR Clinic’ (Dacryocystorhinostomy Clinic), held jointly by an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist and an Ophthalmologist, once a month.

In this clinic the patients have their nasal cavity examined to identify any nasal pathology. Those patients found to have signs of an obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct will undergo Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy (Endonasal DCR) performed jointly by an ENT and an Ophthalmic surgeon. Endonasal DCR is carried out internally in the nasal cavity with the aid of a nasal endoscope for visualisation.

Alternatively, patients may be listed for an External Dacryocystorhinostomy (External DCR) where an incision is made into the skin over the tear sac to allow access through nasal bone and the formation of a new tract. Your Ophthalmologist will be able to discuss and advise you as to which may be the most appropriate course of treatment for you.

Our specialist team

The team delivering this service are:

  • Mr S Byard - Lead Consultant (External DCR)
  • Mr B Baskar - Associate Specialist (Epiphora Clinic/Endonasal DCR)
  • Mr T Rajendra - Honorary Consultant in the ENT Department (Joint DCR clinic/Endonasal DCR)

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