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Research and Development

Research is part of the NHS constitution. Research and clinical trials are an everyday part of the work done in the NHS. It is well recognised that a research active health service promotes the highest standard of care for its patients and the general population.

At The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust we have an active research team whose role is to support health care professionals and patients who participate in research, we are committed to providing access to health research for our community.

What help can we provide:

  • Advice on research, obtaining the required regulatory approvals, required documentation for gaining approval, maintaining all study documentation to ensure it complies with the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards along with the running of the study, processing and submitting of amendments, reports and any other relevant documentation
  • Support for student research projects / service evaluations
  • Governance Review
  • Risk Assessment and subsequent Trust Approval
  • Financial costing and local management of research finance
  • Advice on potential support and funding
  • Study set up
  • Training
  • Courses
  • Liaison with National Institute in Health Research (NIHR)
  • Clinical Research Network (CRN): Eastern
  • Multi-professional Research Teams

Why we do research

There are many different types of research and they cover a range of activities, from working in a scientific laboratory to carefully noting patterns of health and disease and developing new treatments.

Health and social care research looks at many different issues from illness, disease and disability to the way that health and social care services are provided by the NHS.

Healthcare professionals know a great deal about health, disease and medicines, but much remains uncertain.

Research can find answers to the things that are unknown, filling gaps in knowledge.

Our mission is to facilitate delivery and integration of high quality research and health care

Operational capability statement

The Department of Health expects NHS organisations to publish an operational capability statement (OCS). NHS organisations that do so make a clear statement about what they are able to offer as hosts or sponsors of health research. Sponsors and researchers can see and use the information to inform and speed up decisions about where to carry out research.

Further information