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Our Phlebotomy service

Finding us

Welcome to the Phlebotomy Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn. We are located on the ground floor at the rear of the hospital in Area 4, where we share the waiting room with the Anti-coagulation clinic. Follow the signs for Pathology and blood tests. To Contact us, ring the main Switchboard (01553) 613613 and ask for extension 2882 – please note that this is the clinic room telephone number and the phlebotomists may be busy attending to a patient.


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Before you arrive

If you require a blood test and plan to use our services then please make sure you bring a blood request form, that your doctor or nurse should have filled out with all your details and given to you. This is very important as without this form the phlebotomy team will be unable to take your sample.

About the service

We provide a drop-in service to all patients whether from a clinic within the hospital or from GP surgeries. There is no system in place at this time to make appointments and we see far more patients a day than an appointment system would allow. We provide our services to patients aged 5 and over, if the blood test is for a child under the age of 5 then you will need to contact the Roxburgh Children’s centre on the site or Rudham ward/Paediatric assessment unit.

Opening times

  • Monday to Friday: 8.15am to 5.45pm
  • Saturday: 8.15am to 1pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Bank Holidays: Closed
*Please note that we reserve the right to close the doors earlier than 16:45 but never before 16:00 when the waiting room is at full capacity. This happens rarely and a sign is put up on the door.

Other services we provide

  • Twice daily ward rounds to inpatients
  • Clinic cover to Macmillan (Monday-Thursday)
  • Clinic cover to Roxburgh (Fridays)
  • A&E cover
You may at certain times of the day see a few phlebotomists entering/leaving the department and clinic room. This will be at times when they are delivering samples to the laboratory from the other areas we work in and at times of handover – which entails a brief discussion between them in order to make sure we passing on all information needed to keep giving you the best service we can.

When you arrive

On arrival to our department please take a ticket from the ticket machine located by the telephone on the wall to the right. The L.E.D display shows a number in red indicating what number is currently receiving our services. There are between 1-3 phlebotomists in the clinic room working on individual stations and they will call the next number when they are ready to see to a new patient.

We also have clinics with special arrangements where results are required within the hour - if you are waiting please do not think that these cases are jumping the queue.

Unfortunately we do not have a receptionist so if you need to speak to a phlebotomist and one hasn’t made themselves available within 30 minutes, please knock and wait for this to be answered. It is important to remember that if the door is closed then there are patients in the room. The clinic room door will be wedged slightly open if there are no patients being looked after.

What happens in the clinic room

When your number is called and you enter the phlebotomy clinic room you will be greeted by a phlebotomist that will ask for your request form. They will confirm your identity by asking you your name and date of birth and compare it to the information on the form. You will be shown to the workstation the phlebotomist is working at. You will need to be able to pull your sleeves up to expose your arm to just above the elbow joint – if this is not possible due to the blood test not being planned then you may have to remove your arm from your clothing, in which case the curtain will be drawn around you to protect your privacy and dignity.

Once the procedure is complete the phlebotomist will give you some aftercare advice and your sample will remain with us (except in some cases, which you would have be made aware of) to be transported to the on-site laboratory for testing (if your form is from the hospital consultants) or for transportation to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Pathology Department (if your form is from a GP). Your results are sent electronically to the requesting clinician.

North Cambridgeshire Hospital Phlebotomy service

We also offer a Phlebotomy Service at the North Cambs Hospital in Wisbech. This department is currently in a seperate building to the main hospital and is named pathology. You can contact this department by calling 01945 488059.

Opening times

  • Monday - Friday 08:15 - 16:15
  • Saturday and Sunday: closed
  • Bank holidays: closed

*Please note that we reserve the right to close the doors earlier than 16:15 when the waiting room is busy as bloods need to be ready for collection by 16:30.