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Our Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy

Patients are at the heart of our wide ranging pharmacy service. As experts in medicine, our focus is to ensure safe, timely and effective use of medicines. We aim to deliver high qaulity care for our patients and service users.

Our team of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and assistants deliver a wide range of services across the hospital to deliver high quality care and improve outcomes for patients.

Inpatient dispensary

This is where we dispense items for individual patients and supply medicines to our wards. We safely supply medicines for inpatients, outpatients attending certain clinic appointments, people living in the community who require 'hospital only' medicines and local primary care providers i.e. hospices. We prioritise items for patients that are ready for discharge and urgent items needed for patients on our wards.

If you are attending an outpatient appointment and are bringing a blue prescription to pharmacy, please be aware that the typical waiting time is between 20 and 30 minutes. Most green prescriptions can be dispensed at your local community pharmacy.

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Where to find us

Our dispensary is located in Area 3, close to the main entrance

Opening times

Monday - Friday: 9am to 6.30pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 9am to 5pm

Medicines optimisation

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work on our wards with the healthcare team to check your medicines are safe, the best choice for you and discuss your experience of medicines.

Should you have a question about your medicines when attending our hospital ask your ward pharmacy technician or pharmacist, or call our dispensary.

If you are not a patient and you require medical advice, please contact your GP or NHS 111. For information on medicines or minor illness, please visit the NHS website or your community pharmacist.

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New aseptic unit

We have approval to build a brand new aseptic unit, which will be included in our new hospital, to supply more chemotherpay treatments, innovative medicines for clinical trials in a safe sterile environment.

This new facility will improve your experience of treatment and save time for our nursing teams. We will be able to supply manufactured items to other local hospitals supporting the NHS expansion of production of pre-prepared injectable medicines.

Medicines in the NHS

You can join us

There are a wide range of opportunities and careers in pharmacy.

Pharmacy is a clinical, patient facing profession offering a range of roles for a varied and engaging career as wide as public health, academia, education or running your own business.

As a pharmacist, you could be running clinics, become a consultant pharmacist in a specialist area of medicine, or deliver patient care in your community.

As a pharmacy technician,, you could be providing clinical medicines services, managing a dispensary or manufacturing medicines for cancer treatment.

Find our current health science services jobs here.

Our team

Ceinwen Mannall, Chief Pharmacist

Ceinwen joined Team QEH in April 2023 and is leading workforce wellbeing and recruitment. With a background in quality improvement and education, Ceinwen is keen to support and develop the whole pharmacy team to excel in safe, efficient and equitable care.

Shahzan Zafar, Head of Pharmacy Clinical Services and Deputy Chief Pharmacist

Karen Sunshine, Head of Pharmacy Operations and Quality Improvement

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