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You said and we did

We place a great deal of importance on patient experiences, your feedback is important to us and where possible and practical we make the changes that you ask for.

This page gives a snap shot of just some of the actions that have taken place as a result of your valuable feedback.

Take a look, we regularly update the examples on this page so if you have some feedback for us then let us know and come back to this page, your suggestion may be progressed and featured here.

Childrens meals

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There is nothing that my child likes on the ward food menu.

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As with all our patients, we aim to encourage healthy eating by giving children the standard menu, which contains a choice of healthy meal options.

However, we have listened to Friendís and Family Test feedback and a new childrenís menu will now be introduced which has a range of childrenís favourites if the child does not like any of the main menu alternatives.

Ophthalmology services

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We would like all of our eye tests in just one visit.

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We have now changed the way our Ophthalmology outpatient appointments are run by introducing a one-stop clinic approach. Patients now only have one main appointment and during this time any fields or GDX diagnostic tests will be done prior to seeing a Consultant. This can mean however that sometimes you may be in the department for up to two hours but will only need one visit.

Your dignity

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Outpatients in our West Wing had to have their weight, height and blood pressure taken in a public corridor which made some feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

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A private clinic room has now been set up to allow for these tests to be done in private.

Timely discharge

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You were often told you could go home only to find that you were still with us over 24 hours later.

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We are piloting a daily 'Board Round' with a senior decision maker present. This allows for the daily assessment of each patient's progress. This pilot is designed to streamline processes and test the benefits of this approach in facilitating discharge. In addition, nurse led discharge will be implemented on a number of wards.

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