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Visiting restrictions

Changes from Thursday 23 March 2023

Open visiting is permitted across all areas between 10am and 8pm daily (with the exception of protected meal times).


Patients will continue to be allowed up to two visitors at any one time and booking will no longer be necessary for visits.


Patients attending an outpatient appointment may bring along one other person to their appointment.

Compassionate visiting

We support and welcome compassionate visiting. This may involve more than two visitors being allowed to attend a relative, and could be for extended hours. QEH seeks to enable all visitors to be with loved ones in exceptional circumstances, wherever possible, so do please seek out a member of staff on the appropriate ward for a conversation to discuss your needs.

Maternity Visiting

For details on visiting our Maternity department, visit their webpage.

Information for visitors

From Monday 3 April 2023 we are relaxing the requirement to wear a face mask for staff, patients, carers and visitors. This follows an agreement with our NHS Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Care System (ICS) partners and local risk assessments.

Patients, carers and visitors are not required to wear a face mask unless they have suspected or confirmed COVID-19 or another respiratory infection.

Masks will still be available at the hospital for anyone who would like to wear one.

  • Visitors should not come to the hospital if they have COVID-19,other respiratory infection symptoms or have experienced diarrhoea and/or vomiting in the last 48 hours.
  • All patients and visitors are asked to wash and /or gel their hands on arrival and departure from the hospital, as well as entry and exit from wards.
  • Protected mealtimes

    This is a period of time set aside for breakfast, lunch and dinner when all non-essential activities on the wards will stop. If you are visiting a ward please respect the wards protected mealtime.

    If you normally visit at mealtimes to help your relative or friend eat, we are happy for you to continue to do this. Please ask the nurse in charge how you can help.

    If possible, please try to avoid telephoning the ward, or your relative, for information during these times so the staff can concentrate on helping the patients with their meal.

    Page updated 31 March 2023