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Our Objectives

The Board has agreed its corporate objectives as:

1. Always put the needs and care of the patients first
2. Ensure and maintain compliance with regulatory, performance and quality indicators
3. Consolidate our position through investment in order to improve efficiencies
4. Expand our market share and develop current and new services
5. Implement new technologies and systems to improve patient care
6. Develop the Trust's strategic position working closely with the Clinical Commissioning Group

Our values

Defining values and behaviours for the Trust has been a collaborative effort, with input from patients, governors, members and staff.

The process started back in 2012, where through a series of workshops with staff and the public, opinions were shared and openly discussed. Common themes were established and a Values Council was formed comprising of a cross-section of those that had attended the workshops.

The Values Council was tasked with defining a set of values and behaviours that could be adopted by the Trust and carried through across all of our services and processes including:

  • Patient care
  • Recruitment
  • Leadership
  • Performance management
  • Recognition and reward

The Values Council agreed and moved forward with a comprehensive set of 7 values and associated behaviours which were introduced to staff through a series of sessions that were delivered through late 2013 and into early 2014.

As part of our commitment to be an open, just and transparent culture within the Trust this gave us all permission to ask questions and challenge.

The consistent feedback from staff at this stage was that whilst values and behaviours are critical, there were too many of them to communicate, remember and make meaningful for all. With that feedback in hand a decision was made to distill the 7 values, moving forward with the 4 values that are displayed on this page.

Our values aid the creation of an environment where we always put our patients first and our colleagues feel supported, happier and more productive in their working relationships.

Responsibility, Compassion, Courage, Curiosity and Pride

Our organisational values are:

  • Responsibility - Ensuring excellent patient experience every time and adhering to our values
  • Compassion - Providing compassionate care ...dignity and respect for others at all times
  • Courage - Having the courage to do the right thing ...being bold particularly when things go wrong
  • Curiosity - Constantly being curious ...actively look for better ways to do things, innovating and improving.
  • Pride - Taking pride in doing a good job ...we are all part of a team and delivering well gives us professional pride.



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