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Our values

Our values define who we are. They encompass what we believe and how we will work together to achieve our objectives.

We Listen

We deliver forward thinking quality services through listening to, learning from, and empowering those we work with.

Behaviours we want to see:

  • Asking for and acting on patient feedback to continually discover new ways to improve the quality of patient care
  • Learning from your own and others’ service improvement ideas and mistakes
  • Working with colleagues from outside your immediate team to ensure the best possible outcomes
  • Patient and staff confidentiality at all times
  • Having a can-do attitude to quality improvements; how can we can make our services safer and even better Seeking quality improvements every day and not giving up
  • Actively looking for better ways to do things, innovating and improving

Behaviours we won't accept:

  • Aversion to changes in how we do things
  • Wilfully failing to maintain mandatory training compliance
  • Wilfully failing to participate in the annual appraisal process
  • Dismissing others’ ideas for safety and quality improvements

What we can expect from the 'Employment Promise':

  • We will stimulate a ‘team’ environment where all staff have a voice, are respected and feel their role contributes to the delivery of patient care
  • We will seek and listen to opinions
  • We invest appropriately in careers and provide objective feedback on performance
  • We will strive to provide job satisfaction through job enrichment
  • We will provide contemporary staff benefits
  • We will provide the resources and training needed to undertake your role

We Act

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We take personal responsibility and respect the dignity and individuality of each person in our care, and the professionalism and skills of our team members.

Behaviours we want to see:

  • Welcoming patients as people; communicating in an understandable manner
  • Accepting patient’s beliefs and behaving ethically at all times whilst treating colleagues as equals
  • Respect for colleagues’ opinions and suggestions and reporting any incidents of bullying and harassment
  • Working collaboratively and constructively with others
  • Always seeking ways to personally develop and willingly sharing knowledge and skills with others
  • Having a smart professional appearance
  • Taking pride in the hospital and the work we do here

Behaviours we won't accept:

  • Failing to introduce yourself by name
  • Withholding information from patients or colleagues
  • Offensive language
  • A culture of blaming or criticising colleagues and other teams
  • Not having the courage to speak up and be heard

What we can expect from the 'Employment promise':

  • We will have a visible and approachable leadership team
  • Timely and accurate updates on Trust developments
  • Staff health, safety and wellbeing is a factor in all Trust activities
  • An open door policy which enables access to the Trust Board and members of the senior management team
  • To have innovation, safety and service improvement ideas considered

We Care

We care about providing safe, compassionate and attentive services for patients and a positive working environment for our colleagues.

Behaviours we want to see:

  • Placing patients’ interests first and being overtly attentive to their needs
  • Displaying compassion, empathy and exemplary professionalism at all times
  • Maintaining safe clinical practice and upholding infection control standards
  • Positive behaviours and attitudes towards patients and colleagues
  • Recognising responsibilities and limitations and working within these, whilst acting appropriately and honestly to rectify any mistakes made
  • Ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness throughout all settings
  • Demonstrating accountability for our own actions

Behaviours we won't accept:

  • Letting moods affect how we treat patients and colleagues
  • Ignoring people, arrogance or self-importance
  • Shouting (unless required in emergency situations)
  • Failing to comply with Trust policies, procedures or professional codes of conduct

What we can expect from the 'Employment Promise':

  • We will endeavour to create a motivating and energetic working environment
  • We will have a clear role and responsibilities with associated realistic achievable objectives
  • A workplace that is safe and free from harm
  • A workplace free of bullying or discrimination
  • Successes are celebrated
  • We will be honest and fair with you
  • Assurance that those who ‘speak out’ about concerns will be heard and taken seriously

Living our Values Awards

If you believe that a member of our team deserves recognition for outstanding service and adhering to our organisational values please consider nominating them for a Living Our Values Award.




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