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Trust Formulary

The Formulary is a list of medicines stocked by Pharmacy which have been approved by the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee for prescribing within the Hospital.

The purpose of the Formulary is to support evidence based cost effective prescribing.

A medicine is added after consideration of many factors, including (but not limited to): clinical evidence, financial implications and funding, Norfolk and Great Yarmouth Waveney Therapeutics Advisory Group recommendations, NICE Guidance and Technical Appraisals.

Most medicines in the formulary have been approved based upon their indication, and the Trust is only reimbursed when they are used for their approved indication(s). The majority of medicines are listed by generic name where possible; if only certain brands are approved then these will also be listed.

Specials (specialised formulations) or Unlicensed preparations are not listed here but are available under certain circumstances.

Prescribers should only initiate the drugs listed. This includes for outpatient prescriptions. If a Non-Formulary Drug is required for initiation of therapy, or for the continuation of therapy initiated outside the Trust, it must be requested by a consultant for 'single use' on a 'Non-Formulary Drug' request form, these are available from the Pharmacy.