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Finding your way around

We know hospitals can be very large and complex to navigate.

Our maps will help your find your way around to may different areas of our site.

There are large maps and signage displayed in hospital corridors to hlep you if you are not sure where to go.

Please also ask at reception, or speak to one of our many volunteers, if you need help finding your way around.

Getting around the Trust

This map shows you where all the buildings are located. You can download a PDF version here.

Image showing site map of QEH
Location Area   Floor
Acute Medical Unit (AMU) 3   Ground
Admissions Office 1   Ground
Admissions Unit 7   First
Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) 3   Ground
Arthur Levin Day Surgery     Separate Building
Audiology 3   Ground
Bereaved Relatives Support 5   Ground
Blood Tests (Pathology) 4   Ground
Brancaster Ward (Maternity) 6   First
Breast Care Unit 4   Ground
Cancer Wellbeing Centre 4   Ground
Cardio-respiratory 4   Ground
Central Delivery Suite 6   First
Clinical Health Psychology 5   Ground
Critical Care Unit (CCU) 7   First
CT Scan 2   Ground
Dental ((Orthodontics) Reception 3) 3   Ground
Denver Ward 6   First
Dermatology (Reception 3) 3   Ground
Dexa Suite 4    
Diabetes Clinic West Wing    
Dialysis Unit West Wing    
Dietetics West Wing    
Discharge Lounge West Wing    
Ear, Nose and Throat (Reception 3) 3   Ground
ECG (Cardio-respiratory) 4   Ground
EEG/EMG (Neurophysiology) 4   Ground
Elm Ward 6   First
Emergency Department (A&E) 2   Ground
Endoscopy Unit     Separate Building
Estates and Facilities (ID Badge) 5   Ground
Feltwell Unit 6   First
Finance 5   Ground
Fracture Clinic (Orthopaedic/Fracture) 1   Ground
Gayton Ward 6   First
Gynaecology Outpatients (Emerson Unit) 5    
Hospital Management 2   Ground
Hub Café 7   First
Human Resources 2   Ground
Inspire Centre     Separate Building
Leverington Ward (Admissions Unit) 7 First
Macmillan Cancer Care and Treatment Centre 4   Ground
MRI 3   Ground
Main Entrance 1   Ground
Main Outpatients Clinic 1   Ground
Marham Ward 7   First
Maternity Outpatients (Emerson Unit) 5    
Medical Education Centre 2   Ground
Medical Reception West Wing    
Medical Outpatients West Wing    
Multi Faith Room 5    
Necton Ward 7   First
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 6   First
Neurophysiology (EEG/EMG) 4   Ground
Occupational Health 5   Ground
Occupational Therapy (Rehabilitation) 3   Ground
Operating Theatres 6   First
Oral Surgery (Reception 3) 3   Ground
Orthopaedic Outpatients 1   Ground
Outpatient Reception 1 1   Ground
Outpatient Reception 2 (Rehabilitation) 3   Ground
Outpatients  Reception 3 3   Ground
Oxborough Ward 7   First
Pain Clinic (Emerson Unit) 5    
Pathology 4   Ground
PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) 1   Ground
Pharmacy 3   Ground
Physiotherapy (Rehabilitation) 3   Ground
Podiatry West Wing    
Rehabilitation (Reception 2) 3   Ground
Resturant (The Hub Café) 7   First
Rheumatology (Emerson Unit) 5    
Roxburgh Children's Outpatients     Seperate building
Rudham Ward 7   First
Sacred Space 3 Ground
Sandringham Unit    
School of Nursing sciences 2   Ground
Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) 3   Ground
Shouldham Ward 4   Ground
Social Services West Wing    
Speech Therapy 3   Ground
Stanhoe Ward 7   First
Stress Testing 4   Ground
Stroke Unit West Wing    
Surgical Assessment Unit (Terrington Ward) 4    
Surgical Pre-Assessment Clinic West Wing    
TIA Clinic West Wing    
Tilney Ward 7   First
Toilets 1   Ground
Treatment & Investigation Unit (Feltwell Unit) 6   First
Ultrasound 4   Ground
Urology (Emerson Unit) 5   First
Vaccination Centre (seperate building)      
Waterlily Birth Centre 6   First
West Newton Ward West Wing    
West Norfolk Eye Centre  5     
West Raynham Ward West Wing    
Wheelchair Clinic West Wing    
Windsor Ward 7   First
X-ray 3   Ground

Macmillan Centre

A further map is available here for those who wish to visit our Macmillan Centre.