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Modernising our hospital - add your support

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn was only designed to last until 2010 - we're urgently installing props and failsafes to stop the roof from collapsing.

We now have three times as many props as we do beds. These maximise safety but they do not extend the life of our buildings beyond 2030. The people we serve deserve a new hospital, and we're working tirelessly to press our case and make this a reality. This graphic says it all.

There is a once in a generation chance to bring world-class healthcare facilities to the communities we serve. We are doing all we can to push for the funding we so badly need to build a new, modern, fit-for-purpose QEH in King's Lynn

Are you able to help us?

We are incredibly grateful to everyone for their support and are keen to share the thoughts, feelings, and views of our community as to why a new QEH which can continue to deliver all core services is so vital for our local people and communities.

Please help us by completing this short survey.