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Sharing data with your diabetes specialist

Sharing data with your health care professional has never been so easy. If you have ever forgotten to bring your glucose diary to your appointment or if you use a form for continuouse glucose monitoring which uploads to a virtual platform, then you may benefit from linking your accounts to our platform.

We have two options avaialble:

LibreView - if you use your smartphone to scan your Libre you can connect it our platform via the 'connected apps' menu. If you use a reader to scan your Libre sensor, this can be downloaded and linked to our account also. Our clinic code is: QEHLIBRE

Glooko  - This app allows you to upload your device to our QEH diabetes platform, including your glucose meter and selected insulin pumps. The Glooko app provides lots of information on how to upload your data. Our Pro-Connect code is: enqeadu

How to link your Accu-check Instant meter to the app and our Glooko account

If you need any further guidance, please do not hesitate to speak with your diabetes specialist.

Page last reviewed: 5 January 2023
Next review due: 5 January 2026