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Relaxation Audio

Many people find it hard to relax and our bodies hold a lot of physical tension. With practise you can learn skills in relaxation which will help to ease feelings of tension which you can use anytime you need. Please read through the general guidelines below before you try the exercises.


General guidelines for relaxation

• Make sure that the room is as quiet as possible (you may want to turn off your phone or ask others that you live with   not to disturb you unless they want to join in)
• Lie or sit in a comfortable position
• Loosen any tight clothing
• You should practise the relaxation routine at least once a day, more often if you wish
• Try to get into the habit of practising around the same time each day
• Most people find that their mind wanders when they first start practising – don’t worry about this. If your thoughts wander, gently bring your concentration back to the exercise
• When the audio file finishes allow yourself time to enjoy the relaxed feeling for a few minutes
• Remember, learning to relax is a skill and takes time and regular practise

Please consult your GP for advice before using these tracks.
Do not listen to relaxation recordings whilst driving or operating machinery.
If the exercises cause an increase in your distress or worrying thoughts do not continue without consulting a health professional.


Track Guide

Track 1: Morning beach imagery (9:21mins)    
Track 2: Forest visualisation (12mins)  
Track 3: Stretch and relax (20:10mins)  
Track 4: One Word (2:10)  
Track 5: Garden relaxation (18:03)  
Track 6: Mindfulness (5:24mins)  

Produced by clinicians, for you Written and Voiced by:
Dr Louise Robinson, Dr Steve Green (Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologists)
Edited by: Victoria Hunt, Undergraduate Student Psychologist
Recorded at: The Department of Clinical Health Psychology, QEH


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