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Patient Information Leaflets

National Leaflets:

  • Call your Maternity Unit... - It is NOT true... that babies move less at the end of pregnancy. If you think your baby's movements have changed, call your maternity unit straight away, no matter how many times this happens.
  • Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in pregnancy and newborn babies - This information is for you if you (or a friend or relative) are expecting a baby, planning to become pregnant or have recently had a baby. It tells you about group B Streptococcus(GBS) infection in babies in the first week after birth (knownas early-onset GBS) and provides links to further information about late-onset GBS infection.
  • Helping babies arrive safely - MAMA Academy is a charity helping babies arrive safely. We support expectant mums and midwives to aid consistent maternity care throughout the UK. All our information is written by our team of medical advisors and our website is RCM accredited for professionals.
  • Iron in your diet - Iron is important because it helps your body to make haemoglobin. Haemoglobin, or ‘Hb’, is the protein found in red blood cells that carries oxygen around your body and gives blood its red colour.
  • Safer sleep for babies a guide for parents -The information in this booklet about safer sleep has saved many babies’ lives. It is all backed by research that has shown how to reduce the chance of babies dying suddenly with no explanation (known as sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS, or cot death). To reduce the chance of SIDS, families should follow this key advice for baby sleep.
  • Screening tests for you and your baby - Important information about the screening choices you will have during and after your pregnancy.
  • Sex, contraception and pregnancy - Important information for women with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes - If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and are having sex it is important to think about contraception and pregnancy.
  • Tommy's Reporting reduced fetal movements. What should I expect? - Are you worried about your baby’s reduced movements? This leaflet outlines the care that you should expect to receive, depending on which stage of the pregnancy you are at.
  • Why shoudn't I use a home doppler?

Leaflets for Mama Academy and Kicks count in other languages can be found here:

Useful Contacts:

  • Antenatal Clinic 01553 613866
  • Antenatal Screening Team 01553 613840
  • Brancaster Ward 01553 613710
  • Triage 01553 214829
  • Centeral Delivery Suite 01553 613720
  • Day Assessment Unit 01553 613904
  • Maternity Notes support 01553 214777
  • Booking Coordinator 01945 469259
  • Waterlily - Midwife Led Birthing Unit 01553 214635

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