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Fundraising and DonationsImage text: QEH King's Lynn Charity Registered Charity No. 1051327

'We shall never have all we need. Expectation will always exceed capacity'- A quote by Aneurin Bevan, founder of the NHS

NHS Charities Together   

You can view information on grants received from NHS Charities Together here.

Why do we need to fundraise?

Charitable donations are there to supplement the funds received from the government because the numerous and forever increasing health needs cannot be entirely met by the NHS.

Any donations that we receive help us to enhance and extend the quality of care, treatment, services and facilities for our patients and in doing so continually improves health standards.

Donations also benefit our staff, promoting education, training and research.

Ensure you and your family are cared for comfortably near to home in the future by supporting your local hospital with time, money or expertise.

Links to useful fundraising and donation information on this site

Useful documents 

General charitable fund fundraising documents:

  • Sponsorship form (including gift aid declaration)- For use when collecting sponsors for a sponsored activity
  • Gift aid donation form - For use when making a donation, enabling us to claim the tax back on your donation


The fundraising policy outlines the duties and responsibilities of the hospital and its supporters. You can download the full version of the policy here. Alternatively, you can download a condensed version here.