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Our Board of Directors

Statement about the balance, completeness and appropriateness of the Board of Directors

The Board currently comprises the Trust Chair, Chief Executive, five other Executive Directors and seven other Non-Executive Directors. In addition, the Board has three non voting other directors, and three Associate Non-Executive Directors (since February 2024).

The Board of Directors believes that the Trust is led by an effective Board, as the Board is collectively responsible for the exercise of the performance of the Trust. And, that no individual group or individuals dominate the meetings of the Board.

There is a clear separation of the roles of the Chairman and the Chief Executive. The Trust Chair has responsibility for the running of the Board, setting the agenda and for ensuring that all directors are fully informed of matters relevant to their roles. The Chief Executive has responsibility for implementing the strategies agreed by the Board and for managing the day-to-day business of the Trust.

The Board considers that the Non-Executive Directors bring a wide range of business, commercial, financial, and clinical knowledge required for the successful direction of the Trust. All of the Non-Executive Directors are considered to be independent in accordance with the Code of governance for NHS provider trusts.

All directors are subject to an annual review of their performance and contribution to the management and leadership of the Trust.

Diversity is a vital part of the continued assessment and enhancement of board composition, and the Board recognises the benefits of diversity amongst its members.

At the present time, the Board is satisfied as to its balance, completeness and appropriateness and will keep these matters under review.

Trust Chair

Chris Lawrence    
Chris Lawrence
Trust Chair

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Non-Executive Directors

Graham Ward David Dickinson Graham Ward
Graham Ward
Deputy Chair and Non-Executive Director

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Dr Claire Fernandez
Senior Independent Director and Non-Executive Director

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Alan Brown
Non-Executive Director

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David Dickinson Sue Hayter Simon Roberts
David Dickinson
Non-Executive Director

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Sue Hayter
Non-Executive Director

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Simon Roberts
Non-Executive Director

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Dr William Van't Hoff Daniel Childerhouse Gabriel Evbota BEM
Dr William Van't Hoff
Non-Executive Director

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Daniel Childerhouse
Associate Non-Executive Director

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Gabriel Evbota BEM
Associate Non-Executive Director

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Jason Selvarajah    
Jason Selvarajah
Associate Non-Executive Director

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Executive Directors

Alice Webster Dr Rebecca Martin Chris Benham
Alice Webster
Chief Executive Officer

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Dr Rebecca Martin
Medical Director

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Chris Benham
Director of Finance

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Pippa Street Simon Illingworth Carly West-Burnham
Pippa Street
Chief Nurse

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Simon Illingworth
Chief Operating Officer

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Carly West-Burnham
Director of Strategy and Integration

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John Syson Paul Brooks Paul Brooks  
John Syson
Director of People

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Paul Brooks MBE
Director of Estates and Facilities

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Jill Hall
Interim Director of Corporate Affairs

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