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Our Strategy and Corporate Objectives

Our Clinical Strategy 2022-27 (PDF - 2.6MB)

Our Digital and Data Strategy 2022-25 (PDF - 19.7MB)

Our People Plan (PDF - 6.3MB)

Our Green Plan (PDF - 11.6MB)

Corporate Strategy

Our Corporate Strategy 2020-25 (PDF - 21.5MB)

Our Corporate Strategy - Year 3 (2022/23) Priorities (PDF - 6.6MB)

Our Corporate Strategy - Year 3 (2022/23) Quarter Two Monitoring Document (PPTX - 6.8MB)

When we asked our patients, partners, staff (including our Executive Team), volunteers, Governors and external stakeholders what they wanted to see in our future strategy the feedback fell into three broad areas shaping our strategic priorities as follows:

Quality header

Number one 

To consistently provide safe and compassionate care for our patients and their families.
Executive Lead Chief Nurse

Number two

Modernising our hospital (estate, digital infrastructure and medical equipment) to support the delivery of optimal care.
Executive Lead - Director of Estates and Facilities

Our 'Quality' priorities

Engagement header

Number 3

Strengthening staff engagement to create an open culture with trust at the centre.
Executive Lead - Director of People

Number four

Working with patients and system partners to improve patient pathways and ensure future financial and clinical sustainability.
Executive Lead - Director of Strategy and Integration

Our 'Engagement' priorities

Healthy lives banner

Number 5   

Supporting our patients to improve health and clinical outcomes.
Executive Lead - Medical Director

Number 6 

Maximising opportunities for our staff to achieve their true potential so that we deliver outstanding care.
Executive Lead - Director of Patient Safety

Our 'Engagement' priorities


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