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Freedom to Speak Up logoSpeaking Up

If you are concerned about anything you see or how you are treated, we would encourage you to talk to your line manager. However, we know that not everyone feels able to do that. The Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) Guardians support staff to speak up when they feel they are unable to through other routes. They offer a safe, confidential source of support to discuss your concerns and find a way forward.

Raising concerns

If you don't feel you can raise work concerns within your team or with your line manager, the Trust's FTSU Guardians offer a confidential advisory service to staff who are having difficulties speaking up.

Our team of guardians consists of:

Andrew Jeffery
Lead FTSU Guardian

Carolyn Watts
Second Lead FTSU Guardian

Vivien John
Independent FTSU Guardian

Julie Calton
Assistant FTSU Guardian

All of our guardians can be contacted via their QEH email directly - or you can email our dedicated FTSU email. Alternatively, you can call 01553 613493. This number is our single number to call for any Speak Up or whistleblowing concerns so that all staff have a single number to speak to a Speak Up Guardian with calls being returned within two working days.

Our Speak Up Guardians can offer support if:

  • You are unsure about where to go for support
  • You feel unable to raise your concerns within your team / with your line manager
  • You have already raised concerns, and nothing has happened
  • You are worried about the repercussions of speaking up

In addition to speaking to your line manager or our guardians, there are other sources of support available to staff at QEH below.

HR can be an employee's first port of call for any general HR issues and advice. The team offers guidance and support about a range of employment matters including any matters of concern an employee may wish to raise.

Trade Union / Professional organisation - QEH works in partnership with staff representatives of the various trade unions / professional bodies. If you are a member of a trade union / professional organisation you can seek their advice and support across a range of employment matter including any concerns you have about patient care, your treatment of concerns for colleagues.

Find out further information about QEH's trade union - Unison


Our chaplaincy service can provide confidential advice and support to staff across a broad range of matters.

This includes confidential personal support and guidance to raise any concerns.

Chaplaincy support is available to all staff, irrespective of belief or religion, as chaplaincy's role is to enable people to express and live out of their own beliefs, values or faith. By listening and aiding insight through reflection we help articulate your voice and feelings to the find the best path forward.