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Safer Places Scheme

We are a designated Safer Places location.

What does being a designated Safer Place mean?

The Safer Places Scheme helps people with disabilities to feel safer when they are out in the community

If people feel harassed, bullied or scared they can ask for help in any of the places that display the Safer Places sticker, this Trust is one of those locations.

Individuals that are signed up to the Safer Places scheme are provided with a card, this card contains essential information such as their name and the telephone number of somebody that they trust.

When a person asks us for help they will be able to show us their card, we will then telephone the contact number on the individual's card.

We have information and pictures to help us to communicate with individuals if required.

Sign up to the scheme

You can sign up to the scheme by contacting Marie Connell at West Norfolk Voluntary and Community Action on 01553 760568.