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Wheelchair services

Our Wheelchair Services are a sub-specialty of our Rehabilitation Services Department

The Wheelchair Service will assess your mobility needs and prescribe a suitable wheelchair and cushion whether you need it for outdoor use only or if you use a wheelchair full time.

If you use your wheelchair full time we will also provide a suitable pressure relieving cushion and if you have problems sitting in a good posture we can provide supportive seating. We provide powered wheelchairs but only if you cannot walk at all and cannot self propel a manual wheelchair. Unfortunately, we do not provide powered wheelchairs for outdoor use only. We provide equipment for children including larger than standard buggies and special supportive buggies where needed.

We can provide advice on a range of mobility issues from loading wheelchairs into cars and fund raising for non NHS equipment.

Contact details

You can contact our Wheelchair Service by telephone on 01553 613761.

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