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Pain Management - Physiotherapy

Pain management physiotherapy focuses on helping people to improve their quality of life and give them back some control over their condition.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will ask about your everyday life and which activities you are struggling with. We will also assess how well you are able to move.

From there the team will agree a plan to help you return to more normal activity.

Ultimately, only you can decide which lifestyle changes to make.

Follow up Appointments

The team work as a team, so follow up appointments will look at how you are progressing and which other members of the pain management team you need to see.

In order to manage your pain, it is important to identify and modify activities which aggravate your symptoms. The aim is to have fewer flare ups. Pain that has lasted three months or more is classified as a long term condition like asthma or diabetes. We are not generally able to completely take away your pain.

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