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Welcome to Waterlily

The Waterlily Birth Centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a small maternity unit which is staffed and run by midwives. Waterlily provides a comfortable environment where birth is treated as a natural process rather than a medical one.The Waterlily Birth Centre is near to the Delivery Suite but not part of it. The three rooms within Waterlily look and feel homely not like a hospital helping you feel comfortable and relaxed. There is also a lounge/kitchen area for you to use.

The Waterlily Birth Centre is recommended for women who have had straight forward pregnancies with no health concerns for either mum or baby. You will come into the centre with when you are in labour.

Our highly trained midwives offer support, encouragement and care for women during labour. This includes offering different ways to cope, such as trying different positions, relaxing, using the birth pool for labour, or aromatherapy. You may eat and drink, and move around as you feel comfortable. You should be able to go home within a few hours after giving birth, with your new baby.

Women who use the Waterlily Birth Centre find they need less pain relief and are more likely to have a straight forward birth. They are also less likely to need forceps or caesarean birth.

It is important to know that the Waterlily Birth Centre does not have doctors; they are based in the delivery suite. The Birth Centre does not provide epidurals or provide caesarean sections; these are also provided in the delivery suite for women who choose these options, or who have complications with their pregnancy or labours.

Most women who give birth in the centre do so without problems. If there is a complication during your pregnancy you will be seen by a consultant. If this is likely to affect your pregnancy or labour then you will be advised to give birth in the delivery suite.














Useful Contacts:

  • Antenatal Clinic 01553 613866

  • Antenatal Screening Team 01553 613840

  • Castleacre Ward 01553 613710

  • Centeral Delivery Suite 01553 613720

  • Day Assessment Unit  01553 613904

  • Maternity Notes support - 01553 214777

  • Booking Coordinator - 01945 469259

  • Waterlily - Midwife Led Birthing Unit 01553 214635


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