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Diabetes - Healthy Lifestyle and Wellbeing

A healthy lifestyle is essential for us all, helping us stay to stay well. This not only includes and diet and activity, but wellbeing too.

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If you are on Sulphonylurea Tablets (e.g. Gliclazide) or any type of insulin, and are intending to increase your exercise please be aware this may cause hypos. You should talk to your Practice Nurse for Diabetes if your care is in the GP surgery, or us if you are under the care of our diabetes team to help you with a tailor made care plan.


Diabetes is a 24/7 condition. There is never a day off. Therefore, it we understand it can feel overwhelming and lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.

This may make you feel alone, but you are not.

We have a dedicated Diabetes Psychologist who is available to support you or put you in contact with the most appropriate support team.