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Innovation at TeamQEH

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn is an innovative Trust that searches for improvements while holding patient safety at the forefront of all that they do.

The Critical Care Team now have multiple devices that are either available and being used in Trusts, or close to that.

Our devices:

The following devices are now available for purchase and patient use:
The Venner PneuX System The Venner PneuX System

With a cuff specifically designed to create a perfect seal on the trachea with no folds or creases. This endotrachael or tracheostomy tube prevents the incidence of aspiration and in turn significantly reduces the incidence of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia, known to be the leading noscomial infection in Critical Care Units.

This system is currently free to use as part of the NHS England Innovation and Technology Tariff.

To find out more on The Venner PneuX System, click here

If you require any further information, please get in touch via email

The Venner WireSafe image The Venner WireSafe

This device is a locked box, which contains all the equipment needed to complete a central line or chest drain insertion. To gain entry into the box, the guidewire acts as a key. The device has been designed with human factors in mind, knowing that against all good intentions, never events can still happen.

This device is an engineered solution to the never event of retained guidewires creating a safe procedure for both patients and staff.

To find out more on The Venner WireSafe™, click here
The DruGuardian image The DruGuardian™

Designed to safeguard patients and staff, the DruGuardian is fixed into a drug cupboard or trolley, once the cupboard is opened, the device is activatedand wide lens camera will start to take photographs. After a set time period of being left unattended, (in seconds) the device will start to alarm alerting the clinician to go back to the trolley.

This device helps to prevent drug theft and tampering.

To find out more about the DruGuardian™, click here
SAFIRA SAFIRAŽ: SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia

A revolutionary new technology for regional anaesthesia (RA), SAFIRAŽ makes RA a one person procedure, removing the need for a second operator and puts control of the injection in the hands of the anaesthetist. A built in safety mechanism helps prevent injection at pressures above 20psi, automatically stopping injection and prompting the anaesthetist to make any required adjustments. This helps to reduce the risk of nerve damage in the patient and gives anaesthetists confidence.

To find out more about the SAFIRAŽ, click here.

Our team:

Dr. Peter Young image Dr. Peter Young

Peter is a Critical Care Consultant at the Trust. He is an international expert on ventilator associated pneumonia and has developed numerous patient safety innovations, which have benefited patients around the world.
Dr Maryanna Mariyaselvam image Dr. Maryanne Mariyaselvam

Maryanne is a clinical research fellow, and is a national expert in patient safety. Maryanne's research interests are in never events, human error, human factors and implementation science.
Dr Mark Blunt image Dr. Mark Blunt

Mark is the lead Critical Care Consultant at the Trust. He is chair of examiners for the Royal College of Anaesthetists and is the clinical lead of the Critical Care Network for the East of England. Mark's research interests are in ventilator associated pneumonia and patient safety.
Dr John Gibson Dr. John Gibson

John has been a consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn since 2005. John has been involved in a number of innovations over the past 7 years. John has been responsible for the design of the electronics and the creation of the algorithms for some of the devices.
Dr Darcy Pearson image  Dr. Darcy Pearson

Darcy is a Critical Care Consultant in the Trust. Darcy is the educational supervisor for doctors in training in the Critical Care, lead for undergraduate education, and the lead for clinical governance. Darcy leads the research and development group in the Trust.
Emily Hodges image Sr. Emily Hodges

Emily is the Critical Care's Clinical Governance Nurse. Emily has provided training on the devices both locally and internationally, including the USA, Emily has published original research in the area of infection control, patient safety and medication security.
Emad Fawzy image  Dr. Emad Fawzy

Emas is now an Anaesthetic Consultant at the Sheikh Khalifa, Medical City, Abu Dhabi. Emad was instrumental in the design and production of Safira.
Vikesh Patel  Dr. Vikesh Patel

Vikesh graduated from Cambridge.
Patsy Tipene  Sr. Patsy Tipene

Patsy is a sister on the Critical Care Unit at the Trust. Patsy's experience includes nurses educator in MD Anderson and Massachusetts General Hospital USA, along with speaking nationally about patient safety.
Debbie Reeve  Ms Debbie Reeve

Debbie is a medical secretary in the NHS and a PA.
Parvez Moondi  Dr. Parvez Moondi

Parvez is now a Critical Care Consultant at the Norfolk and Norwich after several years here at TeamQEH. Parvez is a Fellow of the Faculty of Critical Care Medicicne and a Consultant Anaesthetist.



Contact information:

To contact the team about the innovations please email: